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CnVCL 20240404

CVSTracNT V2.0.1 Build 20080601
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CnPack Open Source Projects 2023-12-31 00:14:45

CnPack Component Package (CnVcl) source code and documents.

All source code of CnPack Component Package. It implements a relatively complete pure Pascal cryptographic algorithm library, including common hash functions, symmetric encryption, RSA, elliptic curve (including common curves, 25519 curve), etc., and supports national commercial cryptographic algorithms such as SM2/SM3/SM4/SM9, and both supports Delphi and FPC.
All documents and templates of CnPack Team, including multi-language help documents, CnDebugger interface help documents, CnCalendar calendar description documents, smooth font component help documents, docking component help documents, etc.
Other work achievements of CnPack Team.
For details, please refer to cnvclSourceReadme.txt (Chinese)

(Note: CnPack Component UI are not localized dynamically. If you want to use English UI, such as in Multi-Lang Components, just copy const files in Lang1033 and overwrite old ones in upper directory and rebuild package. Or, Just Run the 'ToENU.bat' in Source Directory to copy them automatically.)

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